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Tunnel Hill Campground gets its name from the 50 meter tunnel that was blasted through the solid rock face of the mountain over top of us to make way for the railroad. The E&N Railway was built in 1886 in response to the incorporation of British Columbia into the rest of Canada in 1871. The Tunnel can be accessed by hiking along the railway, the easiest starting point is just south of us at Goldstream Provincial Park.


In honor of the Tunnel, we designed our OWL building as a tunnel, with an open air courtyard between the two halves of the building. The OWL building is the heart of the Tunnel Hill Camp. Office, Washrooms, and Laundry. The OWL houses full washrooms facilities, including coin-operated hot showers, and handicap facilities available upon request. We also provide full laundry facilities for all our guests use. We use natural, environmentally friendly cleaning agents and our lawn and gardens are 100% chemical free.


Pay Showers
Campfires permitted when
Allowed by BC Forests
Full Washroom Facilities
Scenic restaurant
minutes away
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